"An Absolute must read the Lord used to inspire and encourage me in my walk with the Lord. My faith was strenghtened. At the same time I was challenged to pray more fervently for the Lord to work in my life. I believe every child of God will be equally blessed by reading this book!"
-Jimmy Crockett, Senior Pastor Bible Baptist Church Hendersonville, TN.

"Having been Bobby Williams friend and pastor for over eighteen years, I know of no layman who is better qualified to write about the sufficiency of God's Holy Spirit in facing the inevitabilities of life. "The Source" is not a theological treatise but the testimony of a man who has experienced that sufficiency. I enthusiastically recommend it to all who seek the source of strength in time of need"
- Glenn Weekley, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, TN.

"One of our goals has been to be "devoted to prayer" (Colossians 4:2), and this Bobby has certainly done in all areas of his family and personal life. But the key to devotion to prayer is having Jesus Christ as "first love" of your life (Revelation 2:4). Christ Jesus is indeed the "first love" of Bobby William's life. Over the years I have also seen that God's word has had the highest priority in Bobby's life. "The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever" (Isaiah 40:8). Bobby in word and deed is truely the tested example of a man and brother of Jesus Christ"
- Michael Escue, Vocational Evangelist, Southern Baptist Convention

Testimonies from Celebrities

“I’m so very pleased to receive your book and to have your autograph with such wonderful, loving words you wrote to me. Ken and I thank you very much for your kind thoughtfulness. We are so blessed to have known you and your family all these many years.”
-Barbara Mandrell, Country Music Superstar

Testimonies from Amazon.com

Awesome Book, July 12, 2008
This is by far one of the best spiritual books I have ever read. Please take the time to read it I promise you will not regret it!

A spirit-filled life, June 23, 2008
By Thomas G. Murin "TGM" (Nashville, TN USA)
This book not only clearly defines who/what The Source is; but it guides YOU to The Source. Throughout his book Mr. Williams leads you to The Source and how he found The Source. The Source in turn guides YOU to the spirit-filled and successful life.

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 provide you with the keys to find and open up to the journey toward The Source. They show the truth and the power of prayer. If you are searching for successful keys to a spirit-filled life, this book provides the start. A great read.

And more testimonies…

“My Dad, Mother and I loved your book. It is such an encouragement at a time like this.”
-Summer Wiser, College Student

“Your book was such a blessing. An instructional book on prayer and how to stay connected with God and His power every day.”
-Trula Zecco

“When I heard Bobby speak at our church that Sunday night, I could feel God calling me to a closer walk. I rededicated my life to God that night. I got a copy of his Book, ‘The Source’ and I have read it over and over. I have recommended it to all of my friends. His book has led me to a closer walk with the Lord I love.”
-June Jordon, Sunday School Teacher

“I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed my book ‘The Source.’ It is one of those books you do not want to put down and I can hardly wait to get to the next page. You can really tell it was ‘God Inspired!’ I know I am going to enjoy reading it over and over again. How refreshing it is to see and know someone who loves the Lord so much and is not ashamed to admit it!”
-Betty A. Parker

“I have to say I really enjoyed Bobby’s book. I just love to hear God stories and how the Lord moves in each of our lives. I believe Bobby’s book brought me closer to God It has made me a much better listener and praying is easier. Thank you, Bobby!”
-Trace Buerkett